Community Meeting January 8, 2024, 20:00 (Berlin time)

We have scheduled our next community meeting for


at: Senfcall

Please post any suggestions for topics your would like to see discussed in this thread.

Some topics for Monday:

  • New statues for the e.V.
  • State of grant applications (Prototype fund, NLNet)
  • Frequency and topics for our monthly meeting

Please add any topics you would like to discuss.

Reminder for the meeting tonight. Looking forward to see you!

Thanks a lot for the interesting discussions tonight.

Some outcomes:

  • Monthly meetings are planned for every 2nd Monday of the month.
  • We want to slowly improve our concepts further. For this we focus on a single article each month. We want to use the month before the meeting to raise questions and start discussing them on discourse - and the meeting to find a common position we can communicate.
  • The first discussion will be about our definition of personal data.
  • Prototype Fund is all set up. Funding will start in March for 6 months. We will create the KUserFeedback protoype with this funding
  • e.V. takes last steps for charity state
  • Still in race for NLnet funding

Hope to see you next month!