How can I help?

You might find it difficult to spot a topic you can contribute to. Here we try to list topics that currently need to be worked upon. This list will get updated regularly, but is not exhausting. Bring in your own ideas and initiative.

Open Tasks:

  • Create our registered association (Verein, e.V.)
    (contact: Andreas, check Organization section; we need a 3rd person as “Vereinsvorstand”)
  • Review, improve and extend our articles. We are semi public right now. Before we can start to communicate this place further, the content needs to at least roughly explain what we are doing here. Current articles are often too long, indicating that they are not clearly focused on one aspect. Articles should be broken up into pieces, with only a short description of the point and a link to the dedicated article.
  • Create a Community Code of Conduct.
  • Find potential partner projects, that work on de-centralized data storage and digital privacy.
  • Create visualization or presentations of our concept.
  • Find events we should attend / present at.
  • Review and improve our terms and conditions and our privacy statement
  • How can we increase (crowd-)funding?
  • How can we extend or adjust the software to add value? Which functionalities are crucial?
  • What does it mean to be “privact compliant”? Clearly define, what services and surveys are allowed to do and what not, in particular about transferral of personal data (services only).
  • Review Design of the webpage. The colors etc. are just preliminary. If you have a good taste and some time, pick some new colors. Just post your suggestion to Site Feedback. Colors as Hex codes.
  • Language review: We should strive to use common terms (establish a Glossary) for all personal data and protection thereof, e.g. aligning with the wording of GDPR (DSGVO). Since this changing all instances of bad wording can be tedious, please raise a discussion about the right term first, if you find bad wording. This is about standing expressions, not normal text. Feel free to edit in the wiki as needed, but if you want to change a term like “data provider” in all instances, we should discuss first.